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Gans in Cup
Techniques: Breathing through CO2 Gans Cup
Gans Napkin Pad Sanitary napkins are very good at absorbing liquid material. Pour gans on it and apply on skin like gauze. Good for aching muscles and joints
Techniques: Gans napkin pad on skin
Nano Wire Health Belt Variation on NWH Patch. Consists of belt with several health patches attached / inserted along the belt.
NWH Patch a simple nano wire twisted into disk shapes or double disk shapes, and laminated in plastic. Versatile, low cost and easy to make.
Techniques: NWH Patch on Skin NWH Patch in Clothing
NWH Pen A 2 inch long piece of nano coated wire inside an old ballpen case. Very effective for alleviating pain. Great for accupressure with a twist. Can have an additional nano health wire twisted around it, clockwise or counterclockwise (electromagnetic or gravitational) as desired.
Techniques: NWH Pen Pain Erasure NWH Pen Accupressure Direct Pointing of Pain
Pain Patch Pro check out
Wood Ash Gans Patch burn wood, mix the ash with water and salt (as recommended here: let it sit for a few hours, and take some of the top water and put it on a piece of tissue. Put the tissue in a plastic bag. Your patch is done. Variations: corn cob ash patch (no salt) *some case studies show that salt is not necessary for the patch to be able to erase pain
Techniques: Corn Cob Ash Gans Patch (no salt)