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Breathing through CO2 Gans Cup
Corn Cob Ash Gans Patch (no salt) take a corn cob, split it lengthwise into easy-to-dry pieces*, let it dry (like overnight), and burn it**. Lightly tap the fork on the rim of a container (like a cup) to let loose ash fall into the container. When you have enough ash, add water and let it sit for a few hours***. Now take some of the top water and put it on a piece of tissue****, and put that tissue in a plastic bag. Your patch is ready. *best way to do this: break the cob in the middle with your hands. Stick a spoon handle into the middle (corn-on-a-stick style) and rotate the spoon handle until the corn splits. **To avoid contamination with fuel, I like to just stick it on a fork and hold it over a candle. It's difficult to make corn cobs burn on their own. *** I let mine sit for 2 hours. **** Just dip the tissue in, or use a spoon
Direct Pointing of Pain
Gans napkin pad on skin
NWH Patch in Clothing This is a more effective variation of NWH Patch on Skin. Take a shirt, pants, or any piece of clothing, and sew pockets into them just big enough for NWH patches. Sew as many pockets as you want. Add a button if there is a risk of the patch falling off. This will let you hold the patch exactly where it is needed. Make 2 of these, so you can wash one of them and still have another one to wear.
NWH Patch on Skin Simply tape NWH patch on skin like a piece of gauze.
NWH Pen Accupressure With an accupressure / accupuncture book or chart, locate accupuncture point, and with intent to balance energy of the meridian chosen, apply NWH Pen like a laser pointer onto the accupuncture point. Only the tip of the plastic pen casing must touch skin. Never touch skin with nano coated wire.
NWH Pen Pain Erasure Use NWH Pen for "erasing" pain. Generate intent to create healing, channel the intent into the pen, and use pen like a laser pointer erasing pain and disease off of the affected area. Touch skin only with tip of plastic pen case. Never touch nano coated wire to skin.